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Now your child loves to play, later it might want to do something different. With a big vocabulary at school start children will increase the number of different paths to chose from later in life.

Your little unicorn tamer maybe wants to be a veterinary later in life. Coocoolo apps makes those choices possible.


Research shows that children with an early language development get higher IQ, a better reading comprehension in adult age and a better verbal fluency making a difference throughout life.* A big vocabulary before school start results in a better language and reading comprehension. A small vocabulary before school start results in a poor language and reading comprehension.**

According to PISA surveys 2000 – 2012 Swedish students perform below the OECD average and are showing decreasing results at reading comprehension. The gap in reading between a 15 year old student at the bottom end and the average student is the equivalent of more than three years of schooling according to Unicef. Good reading comprehension is the key to success in most school subjects and the foundation for lifelong learning and active lives as citizens (prof. Reichenberg). We need to make up for poor vocabulary before children start school. Children need a strong linguistic foundation in order to be able to reach their full potential!

Coocoolo wants to reach children where they are, in the mobile word. Therefore we are currently developing our first game for children at age 2-5 that will naturally increase the child’s vocabulary in it’s mother tongue and offers a virtual language teacher. We aim to develop playful games that captures the child’s interest.

*Murray a.o. Infant developmental milestones and subsequent cognitive function
**Hart & Risley, The early Catastrophe, the thirty million word gap 

About Coocoolo

Coocoolo is a start-up company that creates playful and language developing apps för kids between 2 and 5 years old. Our vision is to give all children the linguistic foundation that is needed to be able to reach their full potential. We aim to develop mobile games that increase children’s vocabulary on a playful and naturally way.

Susan Svensson

Founder of Coocoolo. CEO and app designer and an educated Speech Therapist from the Netherlands. Follow Susan on Instagram to see how she involves language learning in her every day life.

David Svensson

Founder of Coocoolo. Programmer and IT-teacher with a strategic sense.

Cecilia Söderström

Trainee at Coocoolo. Creative and accurate animator.


Curious about our language apps?

Stay tuned… we are busy developing!

For now, you can play our game Coocoolo Roll, the toilet roll app for kids. Dress up your toilet roll and start playing! Our first Coocoolo app inspires children to craft and play.