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Toilet Paper Roll Penguin 1     Toilet Paper Roll Penguin 2

It’s cold, it’s snowy and I now one penguin who likes it a lot!

To make a toilet paper roll penguin you don’t need a lot. A toilet roll, a piece of carton, black, white and yellow paint, glue, a sharp knife and a glas of water.

Start to cut two wings in your toilet roll. You make them by cutting a semicircle on both sides of your tp roll. Cut a little nose in the middle. This is a half circle again. Then drench your toilet roll in a glas of water and take it out. Now you can shape the wings and the nose the way you like them. Leave it to dry.

Start painting the white part of the penguin, leave it to dry and then paint the rest of the paper roll black. While waiting for the paint to dry, cut out the feet the way you like them and then paint them yellow. When your penguin is dry you can draw his eyes and give his nose some yellow paint. Glue the feet to your penguin and he is ready to go… well uh… dive.


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