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Susan David Coocoolo

Coocoolo Roll

The Toilet Roll App for Kids

Dress up your toilet roll and start playing!
Put on a chef’s hat and pop some popcorn! Whoops, too much? Oh no, the cat is stuck in the tree! Dress up your hero and save her! The rubber ring is leaking. Let’s fix it! Time to catch some fish for the cat? There are clothes for every situation in the toilet roll house. Get inspired to craft your own figure at home. Toilet roll, paper and everything else you see is accessible in your home. Just get scissors and some glue!

Coocoolo Roll

About Coocoolo

Coocoolo is Susan and David Svensson. A Dutch mum and a Swedish dad. In our family, crafting is like magic! Toilet paper rolls come to life in the imagination of our children. We wanted to create that magic in a game. That’s why we made a fun app for crafty kids, Coocoolo Roll. In this game we combined traditional play and crafting with digital play so that kids can live out their creativity even more!

On this website you will find kids crafts inspired by our game, Coocoolo Roll. We will continue to update you regurlarly with toilet roll figures and more crafts and fun. So hang on and follow us on social media!

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