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Early language development will give children a higher IQ, a better reading comprehension in adult age and a better verbal fluency making a difference throughout whole life.

Now your child loves to play, later it might want to do something different. With a big vocabulary at school start children will increase the number of different paths to chose from later in life.

Your little unicorn tamer maybe wants to be a veterinary later in life. Coocoolo apps makes those choices possible.

Susan Svensson

I am the founder of Coocoolo and an educated Speech Therapist from the Netherlands. I am living in Sweden with my husband David and two daughters (5 and 3 years old). Follow me on Instagram to see how we involve language learning in our every day life.

Curious about our language apps?

Stay tuned… we are busy developing!

For now, you can play our game Coocoolo Roll, the toilet roll app for kids. Dress up your toilet roll and start playing! Our first Coocoolo app inspires children to craft and play.

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